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The Empty Bar is located 41.77 miles South of Big Timber on Hwy 298, approximately 25 miles on asphalt until you reach Natural Bridge where the road turns into a gravel Forrest Service road. We are at approximately Mile Marker 16 1/2, south of the Natural Bridge (which borders the vast wilderness and the Yellowstone National Park in the Gallatin National Forest.)

Nestled in the Boulder Valley Wilderness, Empty Bar Guest Ranch is a link to the historic and authentic log cabin life but with the modern spin every vacation requires (like guest internet connection).

This area is said to be the location where the terror known as Old Scarface the Grizzly was finally captured, thus putting an end to the old grizzly's trouble making up and down the main Boulder drainage. 



4177 Boulder Rd, McLeod, MT 59052




According to an article published in the Pioneer September 1932, the 25 year old bear known as "Scarface" was finally captured under the porch of our cabin, which still stands.


After ruling Yellowstone park for many years, he was finally driven out by a younger bear. His injuries from the battle included a broken nose, missing teeth, left eye out, both ears torn and a chunk of his neck and back peeled bare. His injuries forced him into the Boulder valley for easier pickings and he was recorded as having broken into at least 20 cabins, many more than once. Human confrontation was only a matter of time.


When local trapping efforts failed, the old bear was able to spring the traps and get off with the bait, a government trapper was requested.  Along with 2 locals they set the trap under the porch of the then Jarret place, and retired to wait out the night. As will happen in which "Excitable accidents are apt to happen when a posse is out," a rustling in the darkness led to the shooting of a horse owned by Earl Wright.  The next morning produced the old bear caught in the trap set here.


His paws alone were measured to be 12 inches wide by 13 inches long.

As the story goes: 

Scarface, August 1932
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